Nick Ponting

Scenic Design, University of California San Diego, he/him

Ponting is a scenic designer, performer and creator from Washington, now based in San Diego. He spent a year at Pratt Art Institute and then finished his BA in theatre (scenic) and music (voice) from Western Washington University. After his undergraduate studies, Ponting performed and designed in Seattle and San Antonio before pursuing his MFA in scenic design at UC San Diego. As both a performer and designer, he lets the two areas of experience inform each other when creating. He also is a stained-glass artist, currently completing some of his late mother’s work. As a multidisciplinary artist, Ponting will continue to pursue all opportunities available to him. He has been commissioned for a series of paintings, will oversee the installation of a stained-glass window for a church in Washington, maintains remote graphic design work and has a few scenic design projects coming up in 2022.