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Kevin McBee

Scenic Design and Art Direction, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, he/him
McBee_Headshot - Kevin McBee.png

McBee, who recently completed his MFA in scenic design, was born in Memphis, raised in North Carolina and creatively forged in Los Angeles. He studied graphic design and industrial design at North Carolina State, and expanded his horizons in experiential design and art direction with companies such as BRC Imagination Arts and Universal Studios Japan. His work ranges from rebranding cultural institutions such as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to writing, designing and art directing experiences in theme parks, theaters and on film. He also has extensive experience developing IP and pitch bibles for the entertainment industry. He is a member of USA 829 in the scenic design category and is currently seeking employment in art departments for film and television with a long-term focus on production design.


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