Mitchell Jakubka

Lighting Design, Carnegie Mellon University, he/him

Mitchell Jakubka  - Mitchell Jakubka.jpg

Jakubka is an alumnus of UC Santa Barbara and originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a designer, his works for dance, theater, opera and installation harness the emotional qualities of color, balanced with carefully sculpted shadows, to create impactful and storytelling designs. Jakubka equally enjoys exploring subtle gradations in tones and angles of white light, and the bold impact of a carefully chosen color statement. He is particularly fond of collaborating on new works, and pieces that give a platform to underrepresented voices and stories. As an amateur lighting historian, he has written two theses on the queer, female and BIPOC-led history of lighting design and plans to expand this research. He was selected as a recipient of the 2020 ETC Fred Foster Student Mentorship, a program that pairs up-and-coming lighting designers with world-class lighting designers in a year-long training and mentorship. Jakubka is available for positions across the United States.