Marian Wood

Art Direction, American Film Institute
Marian-Wood-Photo - Marian Wood.jpg

Wood received her BID from the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design at the University of Arkansas. As a student there, she studied abroad in Rome and interned at architecture studios. Outside her formal education, she created sculptural displays as part of the visual team at Anthropologie, co-founded a wedding videography business, and was lead designer on a multitude of stage plays, all of which gave her the love for creatively working hands-on in collaboration with others. Since her time in Los Angeles, Wood has brought her design skills to narrative film, working as a production designer on a multitude of shorts. She considers herself from No-Particular-Part-of-Texas, moving around the vast southern landscape most of her growing-up years, and is most attracted to stories with a great deal of heart and a touch of whimsy.


@mwoo_art on Instagram