Logan Smith

Projection & Media Design, University of Texas at Austin, he/him
LGDS - Logan Smith • 004-2 - Logan Smith

Smith is a digital media artist and designer who just earned his MFA in theater with a concentration in integrated media design. His work has a whimsical, explorative nature that analyzes the world around him, remixes it and expands the storytelling of a production. Over the past year, he has been able to call on his experience in both live television and theater to discover new ways to tell stories beyond a 16:9 rectangle. He believes that when we can utilize all of the world around us, the amazing technologies that others have built, and use those technologies to create impactful storytelling, we can create real meaning beyond a novelty. Recent credits include Spring Awakening, Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen, NHKS 4220, (Re)Current Unrest and Not Omaha, among many others.