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Zhang Yu

Costume Design, Carnegie Mellon University, he/him
Zhang - Yu Zhang.jpg

Zhang Yu is a costume designer with professional experience in theater, opera, musical, dance and Chinese traditional opera. Deeply rooted in his diverse background and interested in bridging the gaps between design and fine art, Zhang incorporates various intercultural elements and interdisciplinary techniques into many of his designs on stage. Acknowledging both the designer and artist in himself, he hopes to break new ground and redefine his practice in both the studio and the theater. He hopes that his work can bring beauty and value to the world that all humanity can share. Zhang has presented his works in the Shanghai Expo 2010, Shanghai Art Biennial 2010, Expo Milan 2015 and 2010 Taipei Kuandu Arts Festival. He is the winner of the USITT 2022 Zelma H. Weisfeld Costume Design & Technology Award, the 2020 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region Two Design Excellence for Costumes Award, and the Annual Award of the China Institute of Stage Design for Best Costume Design in 2012.


Instagram: @zhangyudesign

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