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Ron Collins

Lighting Design, University of Texas, Austin, he/him
LGDS - Ron Collins • 001 - Ron Collins.jpg

Ron Collins earned his MFA in theatre from The University of Texas at Austin’s Live Design and Production program. Originally from Nashville, Tenn., Collins earned his bachelor’s degree in theatre at Middle Tennessee State University. Before returning to grad school, he was as an associate producer for Abel McCallister Abel, an experiential marketing and events agency based in Nashville. During his time at UT Austin, Collins served as the technical director for the 2021 Cohen New Works Festival. His thesis is an investigation in community and performance of LGBTQ+ nightlife by telling a story through installation. His credits include Love and Information, Der Kaiser Von Atlantis, The Tasters, Wyeth Airlines Flight Thirteen, Hero Twins: Blood Race, among others.


Instagram: @rclightingdesign

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