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Abbie Vance

Art Direction, American Film Institute, she/her
Headshot_Abbie_Vance - Abbie Vance.jpg

Raised in rural Montana, Abbie Vance is an eight-year veteran in the art department for film and television, where she has served as a production designer, art director, property master and more. She received her BA in media arts production design with a minor in theater design from Brigham Young University. She was the art director on The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) directed by Jim Cummings with production design by Charlie Textor and the property master on Nine Days (2020) directed by Edson Oda with production design by Dan Hermansen. Her commercial production design clients include Entrata and Finell Co, and her speculative personal work includes concepts for Steven Soderberg’s The Knick and Disney’s John Carter. She is passionate about seeking a life full of learning and telling big stories that inspire even bigger feelings.


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